Adobe Creative Residency



The project that I want to focus on, is a personal project that I like to call "Impossible Landscapes". My main idea here is to "bend" the realities of what we are use to see everyday and to create impossible landscapes. This project started when I was reviewing a recollection of images I had taken during  years of travel. In those travels, I started to pay close attention to small objects, alleys, streets, but also to common things that people do in their ordinary life, that,  when captured through a lense, can express and became a powerful image. From this, I started to think, how can I re-imagine a city? How can I take elements from somewhere else and create what I want to see, how can I imagine a story and recreate it?

Here is an example:


I'm taking these 3 images that  I took in different places (Vancouver - Canada, Lima - Peru, New York - USA) and I'm using them to re-create a new one:


So far, what I created, is a series that includes different landscapes but that each picture functions alone, each picture tells it's own story. My goal for this project is to create a whole series of stories around different impossible landscapes. So far it has been more about the place, now I want to focus on the stories of that imaginary place.

To accomplish this project, I will travel to different areas and regions trying to get a collection of the most diverse kind of landscapes. I want to go to a big crowded city, then to an empty dessert; I will go from a thick forest, to a small mountain town. I want to travel at least once a month to find this places and recollect the images.

As part of the project, and more like a side experimentation; I will explore and try to answer the following question: "How can I give "life" to this images?". In that sense, I want to be able to combine all the stills into a one-single-animated-image with the purpose of telling a story through a new experimental way.

 My main tools for this project will be Lightroom, Photoshop, Premier and After Effects.

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